verdigado Postmaster Information

This page contains information for postmasters of other e-mail service providers. End user support requests to the e-mail addresses mentioned below will not be answered. Please find our end user documentation at

Abuse Contact

Send abuse notifications to

Report Problems

Please report mail delivery problems to

Delivering e-mails to mail servers

To avoid mail delivery problems to our mail servers, please make sure that

Receiving e-mails from mail servers

Managed Mail Systems

All mail systems that are managed by us have reverse DNS entries which point to (mail??|lists??) subdomains.

Managed Domains

A list of domains hosted by this server can be found at

SMTP Status Codes

The SMTP status codes returned by our mail systems adhere to


verdigado eG, Heilig-Kreuz-Straße 16, 86609 Donauwörth, Germany -


Last update to this document: 2021-06-03.